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ISF sLORETA Online Workshop

Infraslow sLORETA is a 19 channel or full cap neurofeedback intervention that trains behavioral networks in deeper structures of cortex. It is performed on the BrainMaster Discovery amplifier. An amplifier is necessary to perform the training but not to attend the workshop. If you do purchase equipment or have a Discovery amplifier, a license is required to unlock the ISF sLORETA software.


Bipolar ISF Online Workshop

ISF Bipolar is a 2 channel intervention that requires 5 electrodes. It can be done with a Brainmaster 2EB+, an Atlantis 2x2 or 4x4, or a Discovery anplifier. The method pivots on the determination of an optimum frequency (OF) that is trained for each individual client. In the didactic portion of the workshop, the OF determination process will be demonstrated along with a discussion of the equipment and optimal signal processing requirements necessary to accomplish effective training. The practicum portion of the course will span a full week for all practitioners to have several opportunities for hands on training in the optimization process, in their practices or homes depending on the local areas Covid-19 response limitations. The second day will be spent evaluating outcomes to adjust treatment accordingly. Once optimization is complete next steps will be discussed. The emphasis on the workshop practicum will provide students with the necessary tools to integrate ISF training in clinical practice.

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Equipment Agnostic QEEG Workshop

An equipment agnostic covers topics such as EEG data acquisition, artifact identification and removal, feature extraction, and interpretation of QEEG results. Participants would learn how to perform these tasks using different EEG systems, allowing them to apply their knowledge across various equipment setups. Our approach ensures that participants gain a versatile skill set that can be applied regardless of the specific EEG equipment available to them.

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"Since first meeting Mark around this time last year, working with him has been a wonderfully motivating experience. Aside from his pioneering work in the field of Infraslow frequency neurofeedback, his intelligence and dedication to the field of mental health is nothing short of inspiring. Having a research background myself, I highly respect Mark’s attention to detail and loyalty to evidence-based knowledge. I hope to continue working with Mark as a I grow in this field myself as he is undoubetly a role model for young aspiring researchers and mental health and/or neurofeedback practitioners."
- Susanne B.

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